Server and Network Management

Server and Network Management

Technology1 remotely monitors the overall health of your business’s network and intercepts any problems that may keep it from running at full capacity. With our proactive approach to monitoring, your workflow will never suffer from a network lag or shutdown. Problems are spotted and fixed in an instant, keeping your network streaming information throughout the day, with no annoying hiccups.

With You Every Step of the Way

As your business expands, your network infrastructure needs to grow with it. We will make sure that your business is equipped with the hardware and software needed to support your business’s expansion.


We monitor your network’s vital hardware around the clock, providing you with server health metrics for hardware utilization and assess any potential problems.

Application Management

We’ll manage server applications and roles for you so you can keep busy with what’s most important.


We can monitor and provide vendor interface for your specialized applications.


We’ll ensure application services are running without any issues, allowing you to conduct your business without ever being stalled by a technical issue.


Monitoring the physical health and raid status of every one of your server drives is crucial to keeping optimum storage capacity and data security. We’ll make sure that your servers stay fully capable of taking on the tasks at hand.

Events Log

Having Query Event Logs and getting alerts about events from your applications keep you knowledgeable of your servers’ health status. We’ll make sure that you’re never in the dark about how your servers are performing.


Without the proper security measures in place, your hardware and data could be susceptible to all kinds of problems. Screening your servers for any suspicious activity, viruses, or malware ensures that they stay up and running.


Keeping copies of important files in secure, offsite storage devices helps ease the worry of losing valuable data for good. We’ll manage your backup jobs and verify the integrity of your files, so that you can work knowing that your data is safe and sound.


Performing regularly scheduled server maintenance prevents problems from arising, and catches minor issues before they can cause any serious harm. We’ll keep your servers up to date and running smoothly.

Anti-Virus and Malware

New viruses and malware are being invented everyday, looking to corrupt Internet connected devices. We’ll manage and make sure that your protection software is up to date and safeguarding your servers properly.