Network Security

Timely Professional Support Staff

Technology1’s security monitoring service keeps your network safe from hackers, viruses, malware, and a whole host of other threats. We offer 24/7 security monitoring, making sure no dangers slip in undetected. Scheduling out regular security scans and optimizing firewall protection helps to stop issues from ever arising.


Our Security Scans Work to:

  • Find risks in your network’s security.
  • Assess security policies on a domain wide and local machine basis.
  • Preform comprehensive internal security analyses to determine inside security threats.
  • Generate an extensive internal vulnerabilities report that highlights deviations from industry best practices, including wireless security surveys.
  • Perform external vulnerabilities by simulating outside attacks and reports on all potential security risks.

Virtual Private Networks

We can also configure Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) with strong encryption and authentication to provide secure remote access. VPNs work to create virtual point-to-point connections through dedicated connections, keeping your devices safe from any outside interference.


Data Encryption

It’s important to encrypt data that you wouldn’t want others to be looking at. This may include financial documents, private information, passwords, etc. Encrypting your information keeps it safe from outsiders taking a peek. It’s especially important to encrypt your backups, keeping them safe if they are ever to be lost or stolen.