Network Security

Technology1's security monitoring service keeps your network safe from hackers, viruses, malware, and a whole host of other threats. We offer 24/7 security monitoring, making sure no dangers slip in undetected. Scheduling out regular security scans and optimizing firewall protection helps to stop issues from ever arising. Our Security Scans Work to:
  • Find risks in your network’s...
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IT Support and Management

  With Technology1, you have an entire team of certified engineers with a wide variety of expertise looking after every aspect of your IT infrastructure. Technology assessment We offer regular technological assessments at no extra charge, so that you can take advantage of the latest cost saving technological developments. Vendor Interface Our technicians will contact your IT vendors (broadband providers...
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Design and Installation

People, Technology, and Fixed Pricing Plans. That’s our commitment to you. We have everything needed to handle your business’s IT architecture. With us, you’ll feel confident in your infrastructure’s stability and be able to put your focus on more pressing matters—like growing and developing your business’s success. You can choose to have us manage your entire...
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Server and Network Management

Technology1 remotely monitors the overall health of your business’s network and intercepts any problems that may keep it from running at full capacity. With our proactive approach to monitoring, your workflow will never suffer from a network lag or shutdown. Problems are spotted and fixed in an instant, keeping your network streaming information throughout the...
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